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Resize your Ad photos for optimum speed in different browsers

Select the image you want to resize:

The original Image cannot exceed 1 MB in size.

All Images will be resized to a maximum of 550 pixels width.

You can upload the following file types: jpeg, png and gif,
and they will automatically be converted to jpg.


Online Image Resizer

Image Resizer
The ‘Image Resizer module’ will automatically convert any image
submitted to a fixed width and to a fixed resolution (default is 90).

This will speed up the image conversion process and the loss of
image resolution should be minimised.

All images will be converted to jpg format, and you can easily delete
all images from the admin menu.

There is an option to create thumbnail/avatars (More information can
be found within the module help).

Language files: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish.  

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