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Category: Free XOOPS Modules
Image Resizer View Full Details
Submitter: Admin
Released:   Fri, 17-Apr-2009

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The ‘Image Resizer module’ will automatically convert any image
submitted to a fixed width and to a fixed resolution (default is 90).

This will speed up the image conversion process and the loss of
image resolution should be minimised.

All images will be converted to jpg format, and you can easily delete
all images from the admin menu.

There is an option to create thumbnail/avatars (More information can
be found within the module help).

Language files: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish.

Version: 2.01
Downloads: 1889
File Size: 101.37 KB
Platform: XOOPS 2.3.X
Home Page: Danordesign

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Category: Free XOOPS Modules
Ipod Player View Full Details
Submitter: Runeher
Released:   Mon, 09-Nov-2009

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Flash Ipod mp3 Music Player Module.

Install as a normal module.

The Ipod player is driven by xml.

Just upload your mp3 files to the module's mp3 folder and name them 1.mp3, 2.mp3, etc... as many as you like...

Then edit the xml file to add song titles, player title and to specify covers (named img1.jpg, img2.jpg, etc.)

Edit header and Lorem ipsum text in language files.

A block is included.

Music files can be downloaded as zip files via the module. Just add zipped files to the mp3 folder (royalty free music only! ...or on your own risk!) Name them as the song.. IE: 1.mp3.zip...etc.

After you have done changes, update the module from module administration.

Note! Download folder does not contain any mp3 files, for legal reasons.

You need to add your own!

Version: 2.01
Downloads: 1529
File Size: 135.00 KB
Platform: XOOPS 2.3.X
Home Page: Danordesign

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